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at studio core teton valley

Yoga at Studio Core

Studio Core has recently expanded its offerings to include the practice of Yoga.

​Adding Yoga to the studio's repertoire aligns with the growing trend of integrating diverse exercise and wellness practices under one roof.

Class Pricing

5 PACK $100

($20/class) 3 month expiration
10 PACK $175

($17.50/class) 5 month expiration

Local’s 1st class $15 text 208-915-0576 for code

class descriptions


Also known as "flow" yoga, Vinyasa
is a creative style of yoga that involves linking poses together in a flowing sequence that's coordinated with the breath. This class may focus on a specific theme, such as Yoga philosophy or the chakras. This class can include a mix of postures, core work, and standing series. It offers a wide range of benefits, including improved strength, mobility, flexibility, balance and
cardiovascular health. It promotes mindfulness, reduces stress, enhances focus and coordination.  Vinyasa's continued movement and slightly faster pace makes this class a little more challenging than our "slow flow” class and is great for people who want to build strength will working on flexibility. 

Slow Flow

A slower paced class than the Vinyasa class, and blends physical postures with Yoga Philosophy to enhance physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual self awareness. The intentional slower pace makes it suitable for beginners and experienced yogis alike. By delving into Yoga Philosophy, practitioners can deepen their understanding of yoga, improve their well-being on multiple levels, improve their breath work, and cultivate a holistic connection to themselves through mindful movement and introspection.  It will balance flexibility and strength to improve mobility and support the rigor of our mountain lifestyle. Yoga Nidra may be included at the duration of class in Savasana.  (75 Min)

Yoga for Athletes

When we say “athletes” we mean all you hyper active people enjoying life in the Tetons!  Hiking, biking, skiing, crossfit, running, paddling….whatever it is you do that tightens your body, this class will challenge students to cultivate balanced strength, improve agility and mobility, and lengthen tight and sore muscles.  It is the perfect addition after hard days in the mountains, in the gym, or even on the golf course!  While this class will indeed work on your strength and flexibility, it will do so with a focus on mindfulness to foster increased focus and performance. And for those of you who do pilates, this class compliments your learning core activation by engaging your center using Hatha flow/ Vinyasa yoga sequences. 

yoga class schedule

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meet your yoga instructors


Angie Fruge

YOGA Instructor

Angie has a desire to continuously learn how our bodies work mentally, physically, emotionally, and spiritually, and she loves sharing what she has learned with her students. She has been teaching since 2022 and is trained in Pilates, yoga, and personal training. That means you get the best of both worlds when you take one of her classes! Pilates has taught Angie how to move with purpose by recruiting stabilizer muscles and our power centers, the core, which allows our bodies to move in synergy, prevent injury, and prevent back issues.


Yoga ignited a journey of self exploration for Angie by helping her to find her voice and nurture a love for herself. Breathwork inspires her to slow down and go deeper internally. Her personal training certification educated her about the challenges of poor posture, stress, repetitive movement, or acute injuries, and how to correct those muscular imbalances. Angie is committed to creating a nurturing environment where students of all levels can explore movement, breath, and mindfulness. 


Angie’s dual knowledge means she is able to blend the fluidity and grace of yoga into her Pilates classes, and the precision and control of Pilates into her yoga classes.  Lucky us!  Angie lives in Driggs with her boyfriend Sam and their cat Luna. We are so dang happy to have her at studioCORE Teton Valley.

Jen Werlin

YOGA Instructor

Jen has lived in the Tetons for almost twenty years and when she isn’t doing Yoga she is chasing around her two young boys or adventuring in the mountains with her husband Kent and their dog Oreo. She is passionate about her yoga practice and the capacity for yoga to center all of us and to compliment our active mountain lifestyle through enhanced mindfulness.  


Jen is an experienced 200-hour certified yoga instructor and has taught alignment-based Vinyasa and Hatha private and group yoga classes to students of all ages in Jackson, WY and in Teton Valley, ID since 2009. A student of yoga for over 20 years, her yoga background is influenced from the Iyengar, Anusara, and Vinyasa yoga traditions, thirteen years of dance training, as well as her vocation as an educator with the University of Idaho. Jen has a RYT-200 hour Hatha Yoga certification from the Shambhava School of Yoga and has completed Immersive Teacher Training programs in Anusara Inspired Yoga in Teton Valley and Jackson Hole. She also teaches yoga for youth as a Yoga for Kids Instructor for 4-H youth development.

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