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Erica Linnell

Owner, Instructor

I didn't set out to become a pilates instructor. Circumstances unexpectedly led me here...and I am so glad they did! After a high-impact life as a former mountain guide, avid skier & mountain biker, I developed several injuries from carrying too-heavy packs and enduring one-too-many crashes. Through Pilates I learned I could strengthen from the inside out—from my CORE—which could  rehab my body in an integrated way and make me stronger and more balanced for the outdoor pursuits I love so much. In 2018 my mentor suggested that I consider teaching pilates because I have been a teacher in some form for over 25 years...from skiing, to outdoor education, to wilderness medicine courses, to cooking lessons! Pilates instruction became a natural fit and I began teaching in the fall of 2019 after completing my training through the Pilates Training Camp, LLC. I am trained in reformer, mat, chair, tower, and more. In January of 2023, an another unexpected opportunity presented itself and thus began Studio Core Teton Valley. I can't wait to share my passion for Pilates with all of you!


Christy Gunther


Christy loves everything outdoors, especially hiking and fly fishing with her husband and six children. She grew up playing just about every sport, leading to an ACL tear in high school which inspired Christy to get a Masters in Physical Therapy. As a PT, Christy has been helping people heal for over 20 years in athletics and in life!  She has a passion for anatomy, healthy movement and a balanced approach to fitness.  Christy believes Pilates is the perfect addition to an active lifestyle because it is gentle on joints, but strengthens while improving balance and flexibility for the mountain sports we enjoy in the Tetons!  Christy uses her Pilates training from Balanced Body to help clients integrate their core, improve posture and expand range of motion, especially in the spine.  As Christy says "Pilates just makes the body feel good!”.  She finds truth in the words of Joseph Pilates: “Change happens through movement, and movement heals.” 

Brandi VanSeters


Brandi grew up playing in the Wasatch mountains of Salt Lake City.  Caring for her body through supplemental strength training and body work supported her pursuit of mountain sports and inspired her to become a massage therapist almost 25 years ago. She loves helping others connect to their bodies and she is continually amazed by what the body can do.  In 2012, Brandi came to the Tetons for the summer to do some adventuring with her partner Sean and they never left!  Along with their dogs Bonnie & Clyde, Brandi & Sean love to explore the region on mountain bikes, rafts, skis, and their own two feet.  Brandi used her Massage skills working for Physical Therapist in Driggs to enhance patient healing. It was there that she discovered Pilates and she has not looked back since!  Brandi has completed her Stott training in mat, chair, and reformer.  She not only advocates for using pilates to support injury recovery, but she is amazed by how much it helps people without injuries build strength, balance, and flexibility to prevent injuries from happening in the first place and to improve overall athletic performance. We are SO lucky that Brandi integrates her decades of knowledge about the body into her classes.


Rebekah Donley

Substitute Instructor

We are honored to have Dr, Rebekah Donley, PT, DPT, CPI as a substitute instructor when she is available!  (We would take her all the time if she didn’t have her own thriving pilates and physical therapy practice!). Upon graduating PT school, Rebekah found her dream job in a Sacramento clinic, offering in-house PT, Pilates, Chiropractic and Massage therapies.  Becoming a certified Balanced Body Pilates Instructor in 2008 became the foundation of her physical therapy career and a lifelong movement practice that she advocates for all her patients and students.  The 6 Principles of Pilates: Concentration, Control, Centering, Fluidity, Precision and Breathing are the gifts that keep giving throughout daily activities.  She values Pilates for her clients because it protects the spine when lifting, helps with knee tracking while stepping up/down, sets the scapula to protect shoulders while moving arms, and supports overall mobility.   When you don’t see Rebekah substituting at studioCORE, you’ll find her treating and coaching patients in private sessions just down the road at Victor PT & Pilates.  Reach out to her to get support managing injuries for your athletic pursuits!  Outside, Rebekah loves ALL the things: mountain biking, trail running, dirt biking, skiing, snowboarding, skate skiing and chasing her 2 little boys around!

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