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private sessions

solo privates

Should I take a private lesson? 


It depends. I think EVERYONE should do a private at least once! You get a level of focused attention that will help your  practice immensely.  Privates are a financial commitment but the benefits to your progress are notable.  Consider privates if:

  • You just like them! 

  • You have injuries that need more specific accommodations

  • You are working on very specific goals 

  • You desire lots of personalized feedback

  • You struggle with mobility getting off and on the reformer or adjusting it

  • You learn more effectively alone

  • You want to gain confidence before you consider joining a  group class

duo & trio privates

Two or three person private sessions are a great way to get personalized, private coaching at a less expensive price point.  (Plus it's fun to work out with a friend or partner regardless of price!)  Your sessions will be custom to meet your particular goals or challenges, just like a solo private.  

 Maybe you are in town for a wedding and you want to do a fun private session with your family? Or perhaps you and a friend, coworker, or partner live here and want to buy the 4 or 8 class package to get consistent, custom weekly workouts.  The instructor will give direct feedback to each of you and will balance your varying abilities and desires.

intro to reformer private

This private is a discounted, required  session for people who want to participate in reformer classes but have never used a reformer before (either at studioCORE or at another studio).  Note: you can also take the group Foundations class on Mondays at 5:00pm in lieu of a private.  This is NOT an option for students who have used reformers, students who are seeking a standard private coaching experience, AND/OR students who do not intend to take group classes at studioCORE right away. On rare occasions, after this intro, you and the instructor may determine you would benefit from another private lesson or two prior to joining classes. If that occurs, subsequent privates would be at the regular private rate. 

custom group private

This is a custom group private class for you and your friends or family to enjoy your own pilates session in a time slot that is convenient for you. The class can have between 4-6 people but the cost remains the same regardless of the number of people ($220).  You will be the only participants in the studio.  To sign up, one person should register and pay for the private in an available time slot, then the group members can reimburse one another.  

cancellation policy
Since there are only 6 reformers in the studio it is best to sign up in advance to ensure you get a space in a class.  For AM classes (anything before noon), there is an 12hr cancellation window in order to avoid being charged for the class.  For PM classes (noon or later), there is a 6hr cancellation window.  If you aren't sure you can get up for that 6am class, you may want to wait until the morning to register.  Of course, then you can't be guranteed a spot! 
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