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pilates essentials

This fundamentals class is great for students who want to focus on form and build strength from the inside out at a moderate tempo. We will prioritize the reformer, but may add in other equipment to keep things interesting! We can challenge and support all levels in this class by adjusting spring tension and making positions more or less intense. This class will emphasize stability and tone.  Note: If you have never been on a reformer you need to take the Foundations class or the "Intro to Reformer Private" first.

pilates strength

This class will focus on increasing strength using heavier spring tensions with an emphasis on fatiguing muscles and building capacity. We will use a variety of equipment including the reformer, chair, tower, mat, and more. As long as you have taken at least one reformer class before, we can accommodate different abilities by increasing or decreasing the springs as needed. Note:  If you have never been on a reformer, you need to take the Foundations class or an "Intro to Reformer Private" first.

pilates burn

This higher tempo class will build endurance and increases your heart rate using a variety of equipment including the reformer, jumpboard, bosu, trx, and more! All abilities are welcome to join this class, but it does tend to move quicker and with more burning! If you are still gaining confidence with the reformer or with your endurance, consider trying a strength class first.   Note: If you have never been on a reformer, you need to take the Foundations class or an "Intro to Reformer Private" first.

pilates foundations

The Foundations class on Monday nights at 5:00 is slower paced than other classes and serves two purposes.  First, it is required for any student who has never taken a reformer class before. (If you have taken reformer at another studio it is not required).  Second, it is a great class for any veteran students who want to move more intentionally such as students seeking a more moderate workout; aging students; students recovering from injury; and students who are gaining fitness. We can still challenge veteran students by adding springs or changing position, but the pacing will be slow enough to accomodate newcomers.  

pilates core

By core we don't mean you will be doing an hour of sit ups!  In pilates, "core" just refers to your center...everything from your thighs to your armpits.  This class will most often be on the mat with the chair, reformer and other equipment used on occasion.  Even when we do use the other apparatuses, the class will still be rooted in mat and core focused principles This is a great choice for all levels because it will revisit some of the essential exercises used in pilates.  It will also improve your reformer practice by strengthening from the center outward.  Sometimes we overly rely on the reformer to support our movements, but mat principles help hone our technique.


 Think of Barre as a form of vertical and mat inspired pilates movements mixed with some strength concepts from the dance world.  Just like pilates you focus on your core, good posture, flexibility and strength.  All while doing the movements. to the beat of a great tune!  Barre uses body weight and light weights to challenge muscles that you didn't even know you had :-). And, you will be doing LOTS & LOTS & LOTS of reps! So be prepared to feel an amazing burn in your arms, legs, booty and abs. This class doesn't use an actual "barre" so it will also help you work on your balance as you strengthen and lengthen. 

pilates for men
Hey Gents! Join us ever week on Wednesdays at 6pm for a dudes-only pilates class. Your first class is only $20!  (Use code "Men").  To be clear, men participate in and are welcome to join ALL of our classes. This is just a chance to shake off any pilates nerves with other guys and challenge yourself without worrying if you can touch your toes.  Plus, no Lululemons required!  Pilates helps build strength, mobility and endurance to preserve your body far into the future for biking, skiing, moto, running and more! (Plus the group often goes out for beers afterwards so it's a great way to meet other awesome Teton Valley men!)
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cancellation policy
Since there are only 6 reformers in the studio it is best to sign up in advance to ensure you get a space in a class.  For AM classes (anything before noon), there is an 12hr cancellation window in order to avoid being charged for the class.  For PM classes (noon or later), there is a 6hr cancellation window.  If you aren't sure you can get up for that 6am class, you may want to wait until the morning to register.  Of course, then you can't be guranteed a spot! 
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