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  • Do I need experience on a reformer to take a class?
    You will need to have at least one introductory reformer session at our studio - OR from another studio - to sign up for a group reformer class. You can either take a discounted Intro to Reformer private session at your convenience OR, you can sign up for the Foundations class on Monday nights at 5:00pm. If you are a local, your first class is only $20! Text 208-915-0576 for the locals code.
  • What is the cancellation policy?
    Because there are only 6 reformers in our studio, it is best to sign up in advance to ensure you can reserve a spot in class. For morning classes (anything before noon), there is an 12hr cancellation window to avoid being charged for the class. For afternoon classes--anything noon or later--there is a 6hr cancellation window. Thus, if you go to bed the night before and aren't sure you will be able to get up at 6am, your best bet is to wait and try to sign up in the morning in order to avoid being charged. Of course, the disadvantage of waiting is that the class may be full by the time you try to sign up.
  • What are your Covid-19 guidelines?
    Good question! We follow recommendations from the CDC, county, and local governments. But even when there are no specific restrictions in place, we ask ANY student who is significantly sick to stay home out of respect for your class mates. (If you have a minor cold you may attend with a mask on). Students spray/wipe down the equipment after each class with an antibacterial spray, and then staff do a thorough cleaning once a week. We also have two filters in class to help keep air moving if we can't open the door.
  • Can I wear socks?
    We ask you to workout barefoot OR to bring sticky socks with rubber on the bottom that are designed for pilates. Your feet will slip if you use regular socks. We clean the machines after every class to keep them sanitary.
  • Can I take a single class at studio core teton valley?
    Drop-in classes are available for $30! Packages and private classes are also available. Local's who have never been on a reformer before can actually take the introductory "Foundations" class on Monday nights at 5pm for FREE! If you live in the vally and are new to reformer text 208-915-0576 for the code.
  • Where are you located?
    170 N. Main St. in Victor , Idaho.
  • I am visiting the Tetons but have taken reformer classes at other studios, can I attend?
    Of course! We are thrilled to have you. You can either pay for a single session, OR if you are able to use up a package within the 4-month period, you are welcome to buy one of the discounted package options.
  • I am pretty fit, will pilates be too easy?
    No, we promise. Because we can adjust the spring tensions AND each exercise, we will be able to challenge every client.
  • I have some injuries and haven't been exercising much, can I still participate?
    The beauty of pilates is that we can modify any exercise and adjust the spring tension to meet the clients' needs. We can start you off easy until you gain more confidence with the movements. If you are brand new to reformer, be sure to take a discounted "Intro to Reformer Private" session OR the once-a-month "FREE First Saturday" group intro class at 8am on the first Saturday of the month. Be sure to tell your instructor about any injuries. On top of all that, if you have a complicated injury history, have very specific goals, or just want to take a little more time before jumping into the group environment, you can always sign up for a private package of 4 to 8 classes to prepare you to transition to the group setting.
  • Should I consider a private lesson?
    It depends. I think EVERYONE should do a private at least once. You will get a level of focused attention that will help your group practice immensely. Consider privates if you have injuries, are working on very specific goals, want lots of personalized feedback, or want a session that is designed just for you.

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